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Also In This Agenda:
  • Class Schedule
  • Signature Summary
  • Snapshot of Success
  • Principal Letter
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Musical Instrument Storage
  • Administration
  • Campus Crime Stoppers
  • Academic Calendar
  • Bell Schedules
  • Student Records

General Information

  • Abbreviated Day
  • Attendance
  • Bullying
  • Bus Transportation
  • Classroom Regulations
  • Closed Campus
  • Communication
  • Counseling
  • Coyote Café
  • Field Trips
  • Grading
  • Halls
  • Homework Policy
  • I-parent
  • Lockers
  • Make-Up Work Policy
  • Media Center
  • Musical Instrument Storage
  • Report Cards
  • Section 504 Americans With Disabilities Act
  • Student Deliveries
  • Student ID Cards
  • Student Records
  • Telephone Use
  • Textbooks
  • Vehicles
  • Visitors on Campus
  • Health Office
  • Code of Conduct
  • Dress Code
  • Discipline
  • Major Discipline Referral Matrix

Contracts & Agreements

  • Computer Use Agreement
  • Publication of Student Works/Pictures
  • Classroom Safety Contract
  • Map



LBJ-Student Agendas are distributed during the first or second week of school to ALL students.

  • Each student receives an agenda and is to carry it at all times.
  • Using the agenda as a planner, students take responsibility for planning and organizing their middle school experience.
  • It is a key parent, student, and teacher communication tool, with which all parties can closely monitor student progress.
  • As a reference tool, the agenda contains a wealth of LBJ-specific information.


The staff and administration believe that attendance is a cooperative effort between the parent and the school. When the student is absent for any reason, we ask the parent/guardian to contact the Attendance Office as soon as possible 898-1492, extension 21114. Students leaving school during the day while classes are in session must be signed out in the main office. For safety reasons, parents will be asked for picture identification when signing out their child. Students arriving late to school must sign in when they arrive at school.


 ALL visitors are to check-in at the Main Office. 

  • Parents and other visitors must show a PICTURE ID to obtain and wear a Visitor’s Pass before entering a classroom. 
  • Passes can be picked up at the front desk. 
  • If you wish to see a teacher, administrator, or counselor, please call and schedule an appointment.
  • If you wish to visit a classroom, LBJ requires 24 hours notice. 
  • Students are not permitted to bring other students, friends and/or relatives as guests to visit LBJ.