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News Item: Charles Kappus

LBJ students react to presidential election results

The results of November's presidential election are in, and I was wondering how LBJ students felt about Donald Trump's upset victory over Hillary Clinton. To get feedback from our students, I passed out a survey asking who they supported and how they felt about the outcome.


The completed surveys I received showed support for not only for the Republican candidate (Trump) and the Democratic candidate (Clinton), but the Green party candidate, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. Here's a sample of the comments I received:


From Clinton supporters:


"I really wanted Hillary Clinton to win; she could have been a great leader."


"I wanted Hillary to win because I felt she was more trustworthy."


"I supported Clinton because Donald Trump is a racist and no one likes racist people."


From Trump supporters:


"I can't stand how much Hillary Clinton has been lying. Some kids are complaining that Trump wants to build a wall (along the Mexican border). That's because some Mexicans are coming into our country illegally!"


"He will make America great again."


From Johnson supporters:


"I thought Gary Johnson would've been a good president because he was a good governor of New Mexico. I think Trump's victory could mean the start of World War III."


Because the campaign was so long and divisive, I think this student summed up a general sentiment we're all feeling:


"There was too much negativity and name calling during the campaign. I'm really glad it's all over."


Survey and story done by Ashley Sanchez, student reporter for the LBJ Howl.









Posted by: Charles Kappus Published:12/15/16
Audience: Charles Kappus