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Dress Code

Dress Code Policy

Parent/Guardian and Student signatures are required letting us know Parents & Students have read and understood the Dress Code expectations.

AGENDA SIGNATURES- Please sign the Signature Summary located inside the front cover of the agenda. 


LBJ has adopted a uniform dress code for the safety and well-being of all our students and staff. Please follow the dress code when on campus. Clothing worn to school should not violate the rules of decency, offend or intimidate others, promote unsafe conditions, or detract from the educational process. Please assist your child to understand the uniform policy. Following rules promotes good citizenship! Current, fashionable clothing is not considered a uniform dress. Clothing or personal belongings like jewelry, backpacks, purses, etc., which advertise, promote, or support alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, tobacco, or death are unacceptable. 




Only apparel specifically mentioned in this column is dress code approved.

Not Approved

Anything not officially approved.





COLORS –Gray, White, Black, Blue (any shade)                         


One solid colored long or short sleeve polo style shirt with a fold-over collar that buttons to the neck, has banded sleeves, is a length that covers the belt and does not exceed fingertip length. Turtlenecks (mock or regular) must be worn under a polo.  For undergarments see Other. A solid color sweatshirt, knit sweater, or vest (without embellishments) may be worn over a legal shirt. A POLO or LBJ sponsored shirt must be worn at ALL TIMES.


No tight or oversized clothing.


Actual Size

No logos over a 1" square.   

Actual Logo Size

No sweatshirts worn without a Polo. 





COLORS – Black, Grey, Khaki, Navy Blue, Traditional Denim Color

Solid colored cotton twill or denim pants/shorts must fit properly at the waist, inseam, and hem for boys and girls.  Pants/shorts must fit and be properly stitched.  Shorts must be at least fingertip length when arms and fingers are fully extended by side.

No tight clothing; visible underwear, undergarments; holes or frayed fabric; warm-up pants, athletic clothing, wide leg, baggy, dropped crotch, or jeggings; side embellishments or side zippers. 





COLORS – Black, Grey, Khaki, Navy Blue, Traditional Denim Color

Solid colored cotton twill or denim skirts or skorts must fit properly at the waist and be at least fingertip length when arms and fingers are fully extended by side.  Skirts with slits must have a slit at the side or back and slit must stop below the fingers.  Leggings must extend below the knee, be in solid black, grey, khaki, or navy-blue colors, and may only be worn under a dress code skirt.

No lace, eyelet, tiered, gathered, or embellished skirts, skorts, or jeggings (jean leggings).  No fishnet, lace, or embellished tights or stockings.



Shoes of some type must be worn at all times.  Flip-flops, backless shoes, platforms, high heels, and sandals are discouraged.

No slippers. 



Solid uniform shirt color sweaters, vests, or sweatshirts (not oversized) are permissible. It is recommended that students leave an appropriate sweatshirt in their locker.  Coats or jackets may be worn to and from school and at lunch.  Coats or jackets must be placed in the locker before going to class.

No coats or jackets worn in the building. 



Undershirts and undergarments (including camisoles) must be uniform shirt color and worn under a collared polo.  Belts, including the end of the belt, must be in belt loops.  Shirts must be worn as designed, with no ties, no pins, no ribbons, etc. to alter the fit of the shirt.  All clothing (including sweatshirts) must be worn properly, and NOT be worn inside out.

No headphones/earbuds outside of class, sunglasses, decorative contacts, bandannas, spiked accessories, wallet-to-pocket chains, pajamas, lace, hats, or hoods. Professional or college sports team's names/logos are not allowed on clothing, including on lanyards.

Dress Down Days

Specifics and parameters will be announced the prior day.

No embellishments, appliquéd pockets, or side zippers on jeans. NO TORN JEANS/SLACKS

LBJ Sponsored  Clothing

LBJ-sponsored shirts and sweatshirts are permitted every day. Athletics: Jerseys are permitted on game days only, direction will come from the Athletic Department and approved by the administration. 


***Final Interpretation of the Dress Code is at the discretion of the Administration***