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Chromebook Care

Keep your Chromebook out of the sun, carry your device with two hands, keep food, and drink away from your device and cord. 

Tip 1 - Keep your device on a flat surface (like a table, desk, or countertop).

Tip 2 - Don’t pile things on top of your device. It wasn’t made to hold weight, extra pressure can break the screen.

Tip 3 - Keep the keyboard clear, even a pencil or eraser can damage the screen.

Tip 4 - Keep food and drink away from your device. Food in the keys or spilled liquid can damage the device.

Tip 5 - Be careful how you carry your device. Keep the lid closed while carrying the device and carry it with two hands. Never carry your device by the screen.

Tip 6 - Keep your device charged so it is ready to use when you need it. Do NOT charge by blankets, pillows, or sofas to avoid fire hazards.

Tip 7 - Tell your teacher if your device breaks or you are having problems with your device.

Broken Student Devices

For problematic or broken devices contact:

During the school year: Have your child contact the office or any teacher about their device. They will be directed to the staff that can help them.

PLEASE NOTE: Damaged or broken devices and/or chargers may have fines associated with the damage. Report lost or damaged devices to the school your student is enrolled at.